Vision & Mission


We at Svayam envision promoting accessible infrastructure and transportation systems through access audits, sensitization training and simulation workshops, advocacy, and awareness.


Our mission is to work towards universal design in built infrastructure by advocating for inclusive policies, conducting access audits, and promoting awareness about the importance of accessibility. We collaborate with stakeholders, including government bodies, organisations, and communities, to implement inclusive practices and remove barriers to accessibility. Through our efforts, Svayam seeks to empower people with reduced mobility and create a society that values and respects the rights of all its members.

Capacity Building

While the access audit recommends ways of making a building or service more accessible, there may be areas where structural design may not allow much change. Even in case of an emergency, the staff needs to assist customers/us

Accessibility& Audit

The access audit identifies barriers that may exist in the present infrastructure and make recommendations to overcome them. All the good features that exist are also highlighted in the audit. During the audit the team members go around all

Access Consultancy

Svayam also provides consultancy services to help organisations incorporate accessibility at design stage itself and also while the project is executed to ensure that the end product is compliant to the accessibility