Access Audits & Solutions

Access Audits and Solutions

The Need for Audits:

Svayam is motivated with an unwavering commitment to forge an inclusive world where the built environment meets the diverse needs of people in mind, especially those with reduced mobility. This commitment is vividly reflected in our groundbreaking Accessibility Audits. 

Accessibility audits are essential for enhancing infrastructure by ensuring inclusivity for all individuals, regardless of ability. These assessments identify barriers that hinder access for people with reduced mobility. Conducting audits allows for strategic modifications to structures or services, promoting equitable access. It not only complies with legal requirements but also fosters a more welcoming environment for a diverse population, such as the elderly, pregnant women, persons with a disability and others. Through these audits, necessary adjustments are pinpointed and implemented, fostering a society where everyone can navigate and engage with infrastructure comfortably and independently.

The Audit Process:

The access audit intends to identify barriers in the structure and provide recommendations to overcome them. The correct features that exist are highlighted in the audit as well. The audit is carried out by a team of civil engineers and architects who measure the areas against International Standards and compile them in a report format. The audit report considers the needs of people with reduced mobility. On request, the contact details of manufacturers dealing with all aids and equipment are provided to enable accessibility. By the end of this extensive exercise, a comprehensive report is submitted for the organisation to implement the changes.

Capacity Building

While the access audit recommends ways of making a building or service more accessible, there may be areas where structural design may not allow much change. Even in case of an emergency, the staff needs to assist customers/us

Accessibility& Audit

The access audit identifies barriers that may exist in the present infrastructure and make recommendations to overcome them. All the good features that exist are also highlighted in the audit. During the audit the team members go around all

Access Consultancy

Svayam also provides consultancy services to help organisations incorporate accessibility at design stage itself and also while the project is executed to ensure that the end product is compliant to the accessibility