Inclusive Paths Limitless

Some languages
are silent

A world where
everyone belongs

Emotions are not
confined to sight

Accessbility is hope
hope is Priceless

The invisible struggle
The visible impact

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Welcome to a Barrier
Free World

We may see the world differently, but we’re all one story to the world!

Driven by the dream of accessibility and inclusivity despite differences, Svayam, a not-for-profit accessibility pioneer, focuses on creating a barrier-free world for all.

Awareness Creation

Svayam, with its multifaceted approach, is dedicated to creating awareness about accessibility by advocating to policymakers, stakeholders, and individuals. Our impactful public outreach initiatives like…

Policy Advocacy

Svayam believes that change begins with advocacy and everyone deserves equal access to the built environment. For over two decades, the organisation has been working with policymakers and…

Access Audits and

Svayam is motivated with an unwavering commitment to forge an inclusive world where the built environment meets …

Sensitization Trainings and Simulation Workshops

These trainings and workshops are not a one-time event. It is a continuous learning and improvement process…

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Enabling inclusive spaces and redefining built infrastructure with universal accessibility.

Understanding Accessibility

Accessibility is about ensuring everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, can navigate and engage with the world around them without barriers.


Ms. Sminu Jindal

Chairperson Svayam | Managing Director,
Jindal SAW Limited

Ms. Sminu Jindal is the Founder and Chairperson of India’s leading accessibility organisation, Svayam, and Managing Director of Jindal SAW Limited, the undisputed leader in India’s tubular pipe industry. She firmly believes that at the heart of every individual is a desire to experience life to the fullest potential. Given the right opportunity, we all have the potential to uncover the truest and best self. For more than two decades, her organisation, Svayam, has worked tirelessly towards making infrastructure and transportation Accessible To All.

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Capacity Building

While the access audit recommends ways of making a building or service more accessible, there may be areas where structural design may not allow much change. Even in case of an emergency, the staff needs to assist customers/us

Accessibility& Audit

The access audit identifies barriers that may exist in the present infrastructure and make recommendations to overcome them. All the good features that exist are also highlighted in the audit. During the audit the team members go around all

Access Consultancy

Svayam also provides consultancy services to help organisations incorporate accessibility at design stage itself and also while the project is executed to ensure that the end product is compliant to the accessibility